Citadel EHS is a market-leading, employee-owned Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) consulting firm.

We understand firsthand the challenges educational institutions face in their efforts to safely return faculty, staff and student to campus. Our expert staff has worked closely with numerous organizations over the past year to develop practical, innovative, cost-effective solutions that apply the lastest best practices to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in school environments.

Our Health & Safety services include:

COVID-19 Testing &
Contact Tracing

What we do

Provide dedicated EHS staff to organize and implement testing programs and act as liaison with the campus community.

NO-COST (to campus) rapid antigen tests with positive confirmation by PCR.

What you get
No-cost testing performed by trained medical professionals Contract Tracing support using state-of-the-art customized software Meeting facilitation by dedicated EHS staff

Reopening Gap

What we do

Collect information through visual observation onsite, document review and/or personal interviews to assess the readiness of a district or school to reopen.

The assessment provides an objective, independent view of the plans and protective measures in place to effectively manage the COVID-19 risk to staff, faculty and students.

What you get
  • Report of identified gaps as compared to regulatory, health agency and internal requirements as well as the latest recognized practices
  • List of prioritized recommendations to close any identified gaps

COVID-19 Prevention
Program (CPP)

What we do

Develop new or update existing CPP and/or CSP to conform with Cal/OSHA regulations and CDPH guidelines, and latest best practices for managing COVID-19 risks in educational settings
What you get
Updated document that complies with regulatory requirements and includes best practices that can be applied at client site

Ventilation Assessment

What we do

Evaluate ventilation system for ability to provide adequate air changes per hour and to regulate temperature and humidity in selected rooms to minimize COVID-19 exposure.

Evaluate effectiveness of filtration systems and HVAC system operation.

Evaluation the need for supplemental air purifiers in rooms that require additional ventilation

What you get
  • Report that identifies rooms that are above or below target air change rates
  • Recommendations for addition of room air purifiers, increasing natural ventilation, increased filtration, and/or changes to HVAC system operation as appropriate to reduce potential COVID-19 exposure

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

What we do
Collect air and/or surface samples to identify potential indoor air contaminants such as:
  • Mold/mildew
  • Carbon dioxide/carbon monoxide
  • Particulates
  • Volatile organic compounds
What you get
  • Report of sample test results for contaminants
  • Recommendations for mitigation based on the type of contaminant found
  • Recommendations for continuous monitoring

Social Distancing &
Occupancy Assessment
for COVID-19

What we do

Perform site inspection to observe physical spacing and layout of rooms to assess risk of COVID-19 exposure

Collect physical measurements of each space and gain understanding of how each space is used to evaluate allowable occupancy levels

What you get

Recommendations for reconfiguring spaces to maintain social distancing, addition of physical partitions, and/or cohorting options

Recommended occupancy limits for each space to minimize COVID-19 exposure

Cleaning & Disinfecting Efficacy Testing

What we do

Collect surface samples from high-touch points such as door handles, faucets, computer equipment, desktops to assess the relative cleanliness of the surface and potential presence of COVID-19 or other contaminants

Conduct pre- and post-cleaning tests of surfaces to assess the effectiveness of cleaning methods and disinfectants in use

What you get

Report of the relative level of cleanliness of all surfaces tested

Comparison of pre- and post-cleaning results to show effectiveness of current cleaning and disinfecting efforts

Recommendations for changes to cleaning methods and/or disinfectants to improve effectiveness

Legionella testing

What we do
Collect water samples from domestic water supply to test for the presence of Legionella where a system has been stagnant for an extended period
What you get
  • Report of sample test results
  • Recommendations for mitigation

Wastewater testing

What we do
Develop and implement a plan for wastewater sampling and testing as part of a COVID-19 surveillance program to identify viral load and potential cases in buildings, dorms, and common use spaces
What you get
  • Lab results from sample tests that can be used to assess the presence of COVID-19 in wastewater
  • Recommendations for mitigating actions to minimize exposures

Training, communications
and online meetings

What we do
Develop and deliver site-specific training, communications and/or participate in online discussions to raise awareness and address questions and concerns from staff, faculty, students, and parents.
What you get
  • Training materials related to COVID-19
  • Technical content for communications for distribution by the school or district
  • Participation at in-person or online discussions

Expert EHS Consulting

What we do
Access to certified industrial hygienists (CIH), certified safety professionals (CSP), and professional engineers (PE) on an as needed basis to respond to client requests
What you get
Output to meet client needs based on their request

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