With COVID-19 transmission rates still high and the state of California issuing specific mandates to provide notifications, many campuses and workplaces are fighting to stay open. 

Organizations are working hard to identify COVID positive individuals to limit the spread. It therefore comes as no surprise that risk management professionals and leaders statewide are getting burnt out with their jobs being consumed by COVID contact tracing and compliance. 

The California Assembly Bill (AB) 685 requires that employers notify employees about any potential COVID-19 exposure in the workplace. Employers must also notify their local public health agency about an outbreak as defined by the State Department of Public Health. The mandatory notification period is one business day to notify employees of potential COVID-19 exposure and 48 hours to notify their local public health department of an outbreak.

We know that there are steps that facilities and campuses can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as vaccination, social distancing, face coverings, testing and contact tracing.  The reality is that most organizations lack the internal resources to perform testing and tracing per the AB 685 mandate. 

Some organizations are now looking to outsource their COVID-19 testing and contact tracing to alleviate the increasing pressure on their internal operations staff. 

Per SB 510, testing and vaccinations can now be billed through medical insurance. This means that in many cases, there is ZERO cost to the workplace for on-site testing and vaccination services provided by a medically certified, third-party vendor. Contact tracing, however, cannot be billed through insurance and is therefore fee-based.

Citadel EHS partners with CLIA-certified Veritas to offer a fully outsourced COVID-19 management solution. We provide on-site testing (rapid antigen, PCR, and saliva) and vaccinations at our professionally staffed mobile clinics with real-time testing data to support rapid communications and compliance reporting. 

Veritas has performed more than 100,000 tests and vaccinations combined at college campuses and other worksite locations since the start of the pandemic. We are able to mobilize a new clinic anywhere in SoCal within ONE week and can perform up to 4,000 tests per day at any one clinic.

Citadel staff are environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals.  This means we’re experts at reducing risk and solving EHS challenges.  We have contact tracing protocols in place to enable fast and effective management of COVID-19 tracing. For example, Citadel has been working with a major state university for more than 7 months and has traced more than 1,000 cases.

Our clients frequently tell us that they “couldn’t have done it without us” and praise our teams for their responsiveness, flexibility and professionalism.  

Contact us today to learn how you can get started with on-site COVID-19 testing and contact tracing. Our mission is to offer an easy and effective service to relieve the burden on internal staff. 

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