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Citadel EHS Mobile COVID-19 Testing Services

Have you returned to the office, but now you are understaffed to manage COVID-19 testing?

Our full-service, mobile COVID-19 testing clinic and expertly led contact tracing service is:

● Customized for municipalities, hospitals, and public sector organizations;

● Can run up to 4,000 tests (antigen, PCR and saliva) per clinic per day, and;

● Can be up-and-running in one week!

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Citadel EHS’s full-service, mobile COVID-19 testing services clinic and expertly led contact tracing service provides immediate relief for your daily operation. Our custom dashboard of real-time testing and tracing statistics supports rapid communication needs, ensures compliance with CA mandates, and eases reporting demands.

Citadel has managed mission-critical environmental health and safety (EHS) programs for educational institutions and government entities for 30 years. We’re committed to reducing your risk, ensuring the health of your people, and being a seamless partner to help you meet your goals.

Our client from one of the California State Universities we serve praise our testing service saying:
“Within a week of contract signing, Citadel and Veritas set up full-time COVID testing clinics at two campuses and are performing hundreds of tests per day. Even during surges, they’ve  been able to allocate additional staff and keep the clinics open longer to accommodate our needs. Citadel’s EHS consultants helped us build our contact tracing program from scratch. It was wild in the early months with things changing almost daily. My team was short staffed and Citadel provided 3 additional staff to manage the case load. Their ability to adapt and provide resources quickly was a lifesaver. We couldn’t have done it without them. “

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