An image of the front lobby of an upscale hotel. The front desk has the California CUPA Forum's logo on it, as well as on the floor in front of the desk. A welcome video is placed on a monitor behind the desk, and various "posters" of logos of large California agencies are posted about the lobby. Various business professionals in suits seem to be mingling about. This looks to be the lobby of a conference
Citadel EHS is sponsoring a digital booth for the 24th California Unified Program Annual (CalCUPA) Training Conference.Citadel EHS is sponsoring a digital booth for the 24th California Unified Program Annual (CalCUPA) Training Conference. 


Citadel EHS is sponsoring a digital booth for the 24th Annual CalCUPA Conference!

What is CUPA?
A CUPA is a Certified Unified Program Agency, which is authorized to carry out several of the various hazardous materials regulatory programs administered by the State and City. The California CUPA Forum is a statewide alliance of Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs) and Participating Agencies (collectively known as Unified Program Agencies-UPAs) that implement the Unified Program under California Health and Safety Code Division 20, Chapter 6.11. The organization works to update and continuously improve the Unified Program for the agencies, businesses and communities served.
The 24th California Unified Program Annual Training Conference will be a VIRTUAL event each T, W & Th from March 22 thru March 31, 2022. This conference provides training in subjects related to enhancing the Unified Program implementation and improving consistency and coordination between the 81 CUPAs and 24 participating agencies (PAs) throughout California. This Cal CUPA conference has150 2021 Virtual Conference Presentation Videos (and earn CEUs) AND you can participate in the 2022 Annual Conference (and earn CEUs) after you have registered for the 2022 conference.
Why Citadel?
This year, Citadel EHS is sponsoring a digital booth for the 24th Annual CalCUPA Conference. We invite you to come and join us for this conference and see what makes Citadel subject matter experts when it comes to environmental regulatory compliance, environmental site assessment (Phase I and II ESAs, and subsurface remediation), and the built environment (asbestos and lead based paint consulting). We have provided our clients and teaming partners with expertise in these practice areas, as well as in building sciences industrial hygiene and safety services (IH&S), and environmental, social, governance and sustainability (ESG/S).
Citadel knows the CUPA program, and the local CUPAs throughout Southern Cal. We’ve been assisting clients with environmental compliance for nearly 30 years. So if you can’t get your questions answered at this conference, please call us! We can help.
Environmental compliance can be complicated. Mistakes are expensive. Let Citadel handle compliance for you, so you can focus on your primary business, whether that’s construction, development, public agency facilities management or any other area of business.

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