A dark blue flyer with nautical themed illustrations and a champagne flute that reads "Q2 Citadel Recognition Brunch. The Boathouse on the Bay,  190 North Marina Drive, Long Beach California. Recognizing Tim Lambert, Ruben Ortiz, Jack Samuels, Nalinna Rasu, JP Wood, Michael Roy,  Mike Pendergrass, Jessica Aburto, Jorge Romero Shannon Mateik, Ravi Bajaj, and Megan Rider
Empowerment Through Recognition Q2 Citadel Recognition Brunch

Empowerment Through Recognition- Citadel Q2 Company Luncheon

Citadel EHS is a company strongly guided by our values, one of which is the value of Empowerment. Our commitment to our employees goes beyond a paycheck. We care about their safety, wellbeing, and financial success. We nurture a culture that empowers our employees, because they are integral to our success. As an employee-owned company, our employees cultivate a culture of recognition to empower each other, we have a kudos post board on our Citadel Connect portal, where employees hand out recognition and gift cards to each other.
Our Q2 Citadel Recognition Luncheon is built on empowerment through recognition. On April 30th, our employees will gather together to celebrate and recognize each other’s successes, milestones, and obstacles overcome. This luncheon we are recognizing:
Tim Lambert, who is celebrating five years at Citadel and is recognized for his incredible field services efficiency, skills and acumen, and ability to perform for multiple practice areas at a high level.
Ruben Ortiz, who is celebrating 17 years at Citadel and is recognized for not only the longevity of his institutional knowledge, but also his exceptional technical capabilities and dedicated service to his clients and our staff.
Jack Samuels, who is celebrating seven years at Citadel and is recognized for his incredible work ethic, technical skills, and is widely known and respected. He leaves it all on the field every day.
Nalinna Rasu, who is celebrating 16 years with Citadel and is recognized for her technical knowledge of Environmental Compliance, exceptional organizational skills and excellent client relationships. Don’t miss a deadline when you’re working with Nalinna!
James (JP) Wood, who is celebrating seven years at Citadel and is recognized for his consistent and calm approach to getting the work done.
Michael Roy, who is celebrating 24 years at Citadel and is recognized for his exceptional technical knowledge, intellect and Citadel longevity. If Citadel were Gilligan’s Island, Michael would be the Professor!
Mike Pendergrass, who is celebrating six years with Citadel. Mike is recognized for his deep knowledge of geological sciences in general and environmental geology specifically. Mike has long industry experience and can respond to your questions related to releases to the environment. Mike has the solution you are looking for.
Jessica Aburto, who is celebrating nine years at Citadel and is recognized for her extreme diligence and attention to detail. Nothing escapes her!
Jorge Romero, who is celebrating his FIRST Citadel Anniversary and is recognized for being a team player, who will take on any task, even if it puts him outside of his comfort zone. He seeks those opportunities to grow.
Shannon Mateik, who is celebrating seven years at Citadel and is recognized for her streamlined onboarding process, flawless attention to detail, and being our HR guru.
Megan Schlichter (Rider), who is celebrating her FIRST Citadel Anniversary and is recognized for her ability to help clients improve their health and safety programs and achieve compliance with Cal/OSHA requirements.
Ravi Bajaj who is celebrating his FIRST Citadel Anniversary! He is recognized for being our practice lead and principal for our ESG/Sustainability practice line, and leading the charge for greener cities.
We hope you will join us with a digital round of applause in celebrating the hard work and dedication of these Citadelians.

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