A collage of polaroid style images showing Citadel EHS employees enjoying the Citadel EHS Q2 Luncheon.
Citadel EHS employees enjoying the Citadel EHS Q2 Luncheon.

Citadel EHS is guided by strong values, one of which is the value of empowerment. Our commitment to employees goes beyond a paycheck. We care about their safety, wellbeing, and financial success. We have built a culture that empowers our employees, because they are integral to the company’s success. As an employee-owned company, employees also enjoy empowering each other. We love to express appreciation for each other on our Citadel Connect portal, where employees hand out recognition and gift cards.

Our second quarter Citadel Recognition Luncheon was built on empowerment through recognition. Recently, our employees gathered to celebrate and recognize each other’s successes, milestones, and obstacles overcome. At this luncheon, we recognized so many of our staff for not only their years of service, but their individual achievements and accomplishments. Citadel EHS employee owners put lots of time and the energy into ensuring the built environment is safe for human health and the surrounding ecosystem. We are so grateful to have a team of superheroes protecting humanity every single day.

This quarter, we had two Q2 celebrations, one for our NorCal offices, and one for our SoCal offices. The SoCal Citadel celebration was held at the famous Boathouse on the Bay in Long Beach. A delicious brunch was served alongside endless mimosas and amazing pastries. Citadelians were gleefully able to catch up with coworkers they may not have seen in person for months, and receive recognition for reflecting company values and years of service.

We got to celebrate an amazing seven year anniversary and upcoming retirement for our senior project manager and geologist Mike Pendergrass.

The NorCal Citadel Celebration was held at an axe throwing venue where they flexed their skills and enjoyed mingling with each other. SoCal is very jealous of all the fun they had. With both celebrations being a huge success, Citadelians left feeling valued, appreciated, and ready to take on the world of environmental health, safety, and sustainability!

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