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Citadel was contracted by a major global real estate company (Client) to perform an Annual Environmental Audit (AEA) for an industrial property. The purpose of the AEA is to evaluate the overall environmental status of the subject property, with an emphasis on those tenants that are engaged in the storage and use of hazardous materials.


Each year, Citadel reviews previously documented environmental issues and inspects the site to evaluate the potential presence of new environmentally hazardous conditions that have been created by on-site tenant activities or neighboring property usage, which includes the inspection/assessment of each and every property and tenant every five years.  Citadel held a pre-inspection meeting with the Client to evaluate past conditions of the Site and review past and current tenants’ activities; based on the discussion and evaluation, the Client then determined tenant inclusion/exclusion in the report. Citadel focused the inspections on tenant spaces occupied by tenants who engage in the storage and/or usage of hazardous materials, as reported by the Client. 


During the on-site investigation, Citadel interviewed all tenants whose activities were noted to be of concern at the property, as well as:

  • Reviewed Environmental Permits;
  • Investigated Surface Water Contamination;
  • Assessed Soil Contamination (i.e. Surface Staining);
  • Inspected for Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs);
  • Determined if Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) & Above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs) are present;
  • Tenant Management of Hazardous Materials;
  • Reviewed Vendor Usage of Pesticides/Herbicides; 
  • Obtained Newly Generated Regulatory Records Database;
  • Evaluated for Microbial Contamination (“Mold”); and
  • Reviewed Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Following the pre-inspection meeting, site inspection, and verbal report, Citadel prepared an Annual Environmental Audit report for the Site, which included Citadel’s opinion regarding the potential for environmental impact to the Site and if additional investigation may be recommended.

Citadel approached the project with the intent of helping the Client ensure regulatory requirements were met by tenants occupying the Site who engaged in the storage and/or usage of hazardous materials and to evaluate their tenants’ business practices. 

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