Watershed Conservation Authority

The Azusa River Wilderness Park (RWP), situated at the gateway to the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, is undergoing the Azusa River Wilderness Park Entry Development Project (Project). This Project is part of the Master Plan vision to provide public access to the dynamic lower San Gabriel River Canyon along a natural stretch of the river. The Project aims to turn RWP into one of the most accessible mountain destinations in the region. 

Redevelopment of the RWP occurs within the Caltrans right of way (ROW) on State Route 39. Tetraethyl lead was added to gasoline until the mid-1980s, contributing to particulate emissions in leaded gasoline exhaust containing lead. In order to ensure safety throughout construction and park operation, Citadel was contracted by Watershed Conservation Authority (WCA) to perform an aerially deposited lead (ADL) investigation. This investigation included:

  • Preparation of a Caltrans approved work plan, traffic control plans, and a health and safety plan, including obtaining a Caltrans encroachment permit prior to conducting field work;
  • Conducting lead awareness training for field personnel;
  • Advancing soil borings to maximum 10 feet below ground surface;
  • Following work plan protocols to collect soil samples at pre-selected intervals;
  • Evaluating the laboratory results to identify potential presence of ADL; and
  • Developing a Caltrans lead compliance plan (LCP), if deemed necessary. 

Citadel approached this project with the intention of helping WCA stay in compliance with all environmental standards during redevelopment and to prepare documentation and compile recommendations efficiently and effectively for the timely advancement of the Project for safe and accessible public use.

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