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The Santa Susana Field Lab, located at 5800 Woolsey Canyon Road in the City of Canoga Park, California (Site), was the site of energy research and development for the U.S. government. Although industrial activity at the Site ended in 2006, radionuclides, soil, groundwater, and stormwater contamination remain. The responsible parties, Boeing, NASA, and he U.S. Department of Energy, are performing a comprehensive cleanup of the Site to restore the Site for safe use by future generations. 

Citadel performed various environmental services at the Site, which included, but were not limited to collection and analysis of paint, fluids, concrete, and soil samples, and sump sampling. 

Our environmental professionals conducted a walk-through visual inspection of the Site building followed by:

  • Reviewing pre-construction submittals provided by the contractor;
  • Providing onsite monitoring during all asbestos-related shifts of the project;
  • Conducting visual inspections before, during, and after asbestos abatement/removal;
  • Collecting process asbestos air samples during abatement activities; 
  • Collecting post-abatement asbestos air samples as appropriate after abatement/removal activities are completed and before removal of engineering controls; and
  • Analyzing asbestos air samples onsite by phase contrast microscopy (PCM) 

For waste characterization and disposal purposes, Citadel collected bulk samples of paint and samples of concrete/soil for analysis. Bulk, soil and fluid samples were collected for the waste streams.

As consultants, we approached the project with the intent of helping Bhate Environmental Associates, Inc. manage the risks inherent with ERMs such as asbestos, and sample and analyze materials for proper waste characterization prior to disposal to support the ongoing cleanup activities at the Site. Our team has the experience to offer solid solutions to a variety of unexpected encounters and problems. 

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