Tesoro Refinery - Industrial Hygiene & Asbestos Abatement

After a fire damaged the Delayed Coker Unit and other areas of the Tesoro Refinery in Wilmington, CA, we were contracted to assist with an emergency response during the recovery period, which entailed the cleanup and abatement of damaged asbestos-containing materials, plus the draining of all DCU equipment.

We provided Tesoro Refinery with a team of 5 certified Industrial Hygienists to implement industrial hygiene and abatement programs, plus ensure environmental compliance with local, state, and Federal regulations during the entire 5-week cleanup/recovery period. During their stay, our team worked around the clock, conducting real-time air monitoring with a photo ionization detector for hydrogen sulfide, benzene, and volatile organic compounds —any samples were collected using organic vapor monitors and summa canisters depending on the material stored. Other work included the collection of any materials coated in Hexavalent Chromium, and air samples containing hydrocarbons. The final outcome was a fully documented and decontaminated area to continue working under safe conditions.

Wilmington, CA

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